Confessions of a Mormon Boy (2019)

Learning to accept yourself is the greatest love of all.

By Michael Hartmann.
August 6, 2019. Updated November 5, 2020.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]onfessions of a Mormon Boy is a play in which Steven Fales tells the story about his life. Fales is an American actor who was excommunicated from his church because he was gay. In the show, which is currently a hit in cities around the world, he shares details from his personal journey, including stories about his divorce, his time as a prostitute, and the joys of being a father.

When I learned about the show, I thought about Angels in America, the award-winning show witch tells the story of a Mormon man coming to terms with his sexuality.

But the memories of Tony Kushners play were quickly erased as Steven appeared on stage a few days later.

No other stories had any place in my mind for the next two hours. 

But sharing details from his relationship with his former wife, is that even legal? As he told us about her, I looked at the doors leading into the room where Steven performed. Could we expect a furious woman to enter the room, attacking Steven for sharing details about their marriage? For a moment, I braced myself. Luckily, no woman appeared.

It was a heartwarming moment for me, listening to Steven as he shared wonderful memories about his children. Even a gay man like myself was moved when Steven talked about his past as a devoted father and husband.

Steven Fales is Confessions of a Mormon Boy. And Confessions of a Mormon Boy is Steven Fales, if that makes any sense. My point is that Steven has a special way of communicating his personal story. This sets him apart from other actors.

Not for a minute were my eyes looking in any other direction than on the stage. Not many actors are able to share their stories with so much intensity, humor, and sadness.

Even though his personal journey is filled with tribulations, it offers many pieces of hidden beauty. One by one, they reveal themselves, leading up to the unexpected finale.

I kept thinking; this is not a love story. But I corrected myself. In a way it is. During his experiences leading up to the present, Steven discovers new ways to love himself, his life, and his identity as a gay man.

To me, Confessions of a Mormon Boy is this:

A story about religion and society, well told. A story about pain and happiness, carefully presented. A story about strength and acceptance, perfectly captured.

Connect with Steven Fales on Instagram, and twitter.  Confessions of a mormon boyInstagram and facebook. All photos by Carol Rosegg. Read more: Huffington Post: Steven Fales: A gay mormon boy grows up.

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