WATCH: Christian Ingebrigtsen shares the secret behind “Wonder of the World”

It was a spectacular performance on Norwegian TV. But “Wonder of the World” is also a love story.

By Michael Hartmann. February 18, 2022. Updated February 26, 2022, and April 17, 2022.

Norwegian singer and songwriter, Christian Ingebrigtsen, recently dropped a video for his ballad, Wonder of the World. The star of pop group a1 also performed in Melodi Grand Prix, a Norwegian songwriter contest. He didn’t win the Norwegian finale, but nothing stops this experienced artist, who yesterday told me about Wonder of the World and the reason he wrote the song.

His performance on Norwegian TV was spectacular:

Here’s the music video:

This Saturday, Christian dropped the remix:

In my interview with Christian at Vulkan Arena yesterday, he spoke about a piece of advice he got from his girlfriend. See the interview here:

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