Bjørn Olav Edvardsen’s “Turn Off My Heart” is selected for the Cyprus Music Video Festival

-It’s getting a lot of positive attention.

By Michael Hartmann. April 21, 2023.

(Photo by Marianne Hovden).

Cyprus Music Video Festival is a major festival for the creation and appreciation of music videos.

I asked Bjørn Olav about the nomination.

-How did you find out about the nomination? How did you feel? 

-I received a kind message from the festival that our video had been selected. Upon hearing the news, I shared it with my photographer and co-director Jostein Vedvik. He was also very excited.

-Do you know why your video was nominated?

-It is my hope and belief that they were as captivated by Norwegian nature as we were. The fact that I am the only Norwegian entry is particularly pleasing.

-Any other news?

-A few weeks ago, the video received an Honorable Mention at the European Music Video Awards. It’s getting a lot of positive attention.

-What will you do if your video wins an award?

-A prize would make us very happy! My co-director will probably hear the news from me. My friends and acquaintances will be notified on social media!

Here it is:

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