Bjørn Olav Edvardsen drops the music video for his single, “Home”

-These are real people with real feelings and experiences.

By Michael Hartmann. May 27, 2023

(Photo: Marianne Hovden).

Earlier this year, Bjørn Olav Edvardsen asked his family, friends, and followers on social media what “home” and the feeling of “home” meant to them. Then, he made a video based on the photos and videos he received. Contributions come from Norway as well as abroad.

Bjørn Olav: -There is a “homemade” and simple expression to this music video. It is made up of a variety of videos and images, each with its own “home feeling.”

The Norwegian singer has shared private videos and photos of grandparents, cohabitants, friends, and even himself as a baby, pictures that have never been shown before.

-These are not plays, these are real people with real feelings and experiences. I am so humbled and happy that they wanted to share their moments with me and everyone who watches the video. I hope people enjoy this video!

Here it is:

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