Big Daddy Karsten shares about homophobia in hip hop and gives advice to queers who are afraid to come out

-My job as a rapper is to challenge people and promote awareness.

Text: Michael Hartmann.  Photos: Are Næsset. April, 12, 2024.

Big Daddy Karsten is a well known rapper in Norway, This spring, he is starring in “Purk”, a Norwegian TV show. He has many talents.

-It is super dope being able to work with some of the best actors and comedians in Norway, he states enthusiastically. 

I spoke with the talented rapper yesterday.

-Do you have any advice to those who are nervous about coming out as queer?

-First, talk to someone you trust. When you have talked about it once, it is easier to talk about it again. Then, you already have someone in your corner if telling it to others doesn’t go as planned. Thinking about coming out is the hardest part. When you’re out, things are often less scary than you expected.

-Do you have any advice for new and upcoming artists?

-Make as much music as possible, but dont release it until you reach the level that you are planning to reach. If you get the opportunity, show your music to friends and experienced artists. That way, you will get the feedback you need to grow.

(Photo credit: Are Næsset).

-If you want your artist persona to be a character, that’s fine, but be open and honest about it.

-You are allowed to make mistakes, he continues. -But if you make mistakes, and learn from them, early in your career, this is better than making mistakes when you have been in the game for some time. Last, but not least, remember that you are good enough!

Big Daddy Karsten didn’t like Central Cee’s song Doja from 2022, with lyrics that promoted homophobia.  -Parts of the lyrics are problematic, he says.

This is Central Cee:

How can I be homophobic?

My bitch is gay

Hit man in the top

Try see a man topless, even the stick is gay

Huggin’ my bruddas and say that I love them

But I don’t swing that way 

Central Cee on Instagram.

-Many rap artists don’t understand or acknowledge that there is a lot of homophobia within the hip hop community, he says.

Central Cee doesn’t seem to understand that parts of his lyrics are homophobic. That said, he is an excellent rapper, and I respect him as an artist. Part of my job as a rapper is to be a bit of a watchdog when it comes to homophobia in hip hop and rap in general.

This is Big Daddy Karsten’s respons to Central Cee:

How can I be heterophobic?

My father’s straight…

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Through his social media channels, he boldly shares photos showcasing his physique, unapologetically rejecting societal pressures and expectations often imposed on gay men regarding their appearance.

(Photo credit: Are Næsset).

-There’s a hierarchy in the gay community concerning body image, where the thin and muscular guys come out on top and people who don’t fit the bill are deemed less valuable on hookup apps and sites.

-I’ve always had a big body, and people have a lot of misconceptions regarding bigger people, many seem to think that we are lazy or lack self control in general. I strongly disagree.

Finally, what is he listening to right now? Here are is favorites:

Promoe featuring Capleton –  Songs of Joy:

Troye Sivan – Rush (Big Freedia remix):

Chase & Status – BADDADAN:

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