Big Daddy Karsten pays tribute to women and expresses his thoughts on gender issues

In his new song, he encourages reflection.

By Michael Hartmann. June 30, 2022.

The Norwegian rapper delivers a song that appeals to a wide audience with his unique style and punchy lyrics.

He also points out society’s tendency to protect women in a way that suggests their moral compass is more fragile than men’s.

As an artist, Big Daddy Karsten is influenced by his mother, who taught him about diversity, love, and privilege. He sees himself as privileged, not only as a white man but also because he has had strong moral guidance throughout his upbringing.

Big Daddy Karsten addresses the problem of violence against trans women, the sexualization of women, and the double standard when it comes to women’s experiences and actions.

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He recognizes the strong bond between straight women and queer men, and how these groups have been allies in the fight for equality and justice. What causes society to value the masculine and suppress the feminine?

He also wants to be aware of injustices in the world and how to navigate them and be on the right side of history.

On My Mamma:

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Big Daddy Karsten is recognized as one of Norway’s most talented rappers. He has established himself as a central figure in Norwegian music with his unique style and radiance. His music and message inspire and touch listeners. Throughout his impressive career, he has captured audiences with his exceptional energy and punchy lyrics.

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