Ben Adams got married and (almost) kept it a secret…

… and Christian Ingebrigtsen is happier than ever before.

By Michael Hartmann. July 31, 2022. (This story was updated with a new main photo, on September 2, 2022).

Members of pop group a1 are not only talented musicians but also adept at handling the media.

I discovered a picture of Ben Adams and his beautiful girlfriend, Sara Skjoldnes, in an Instagram post from Christian Ingebrigtsen. It must have been taken shortly after their wedding. The picture appeared to be taken inside the Town Hall in Oslo.

Christian Ingebrigtsen revealed the wedding in an Instagram story, so it was expected that Ben Adams’s social media channels would be abuzz with the news. I searched his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for clues. The result? Nothing.

It impressed me. Having Christian Ingebrigtsen share the news in a relatively modest manner seemed like an effective media strategy. However, the news of the marriage was officially announced:

Photo via Instagram/Christian Ingebrigtsen.
The story doesn’t end there. A wedding is about to take place between Christian Ingebrigtsen and Martine Dønheim, a beautiful lady from Norway. Christian and I spoke earlier this year at Vulkan Arena in Oslo. He told me what inspired him to write Wonder Of The World, his song from this year’s Melodi Grand Prix.
During the interview, Christian told me that his girlfriend is now his fiance. It is wonderful to see him immediately excited when mentioning her:

I have always found the members of a1 to be amazing in a variety of ways. I congratulate Ben and Christian, two talented musicians who are happier than ever!

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Here’s a1 on Norwegian TV2 earlier this summer:

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