“The next Justin Bieber” found his way to success

In his latest video, Austin Mahone walks into a bar. That’s good news. 

By Michael Hartmann. March 11, 2023

Welcome to the Justin/Austin saga. Let’s start with the beginning:

Justin Bieber. Baby. (2010):

Canadian singer Justin Bieber, then 16 years old, won every girl’s heart with his catchy song and his signature hairdo. Baby was directed by Norwegian filmmaker and photographer Ray Kay. Within seven days, the video got 7.7 million views.


Enter Austin Mahone, an 18-year-old singer from San Antonio, Texas.

Austin Mahone. What About Love. (2014):

There are many similarities between Baby and What About Love. Once you hear the songs, they never leave your head.

For a while, Austin followed Justin’s lead. Many expected him to be the next Justin Bieber. However, the workplace surrounding Austin in Dirty Work gave him the appearance of a young man just starting out on his own, despite his youthful appearance. Austin was finding his own path, wasn’t he?

Austin Mahone. Dirty Work. (2015):

Austin has found his own path away from Justin’s world in this video, proving that he has taken a different path and has never looked back.


Austin Mahone. Withdrawal. (2023):

In his new video, Austin finds his way to a basement bar. If he doesn’t look like a grown-up now, I don’t know what to say…

The path he chooses will allow him to keep building on his success. That’s better than getting stuck replacing Justin.

Where will Austin Mahone go from here? Can Justin keep up with Austin’s journey? Does Justin see this as a goal? Or has he forgotten that his younger self inspired a grown man? Nobody knows. Keep an eye out for new developments in the Justin/Austin saga.

Team Austin!


Justin Bieber: One Less Loney Girl:


Austin Mahone: Say Something:


I love this one. Join Austin as he shares about his fridge, his sneakers, and his workout routine!

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