UPDATED: Audio interviews with lead singer in Everbloom Valley, Gert Aanje

By Michael Hartmann. May 6, 2023. Updated on May 7. 2023.

BACKSTAGE CONVERSATION: Gert Aanje (left) and music blogger Michael Hartmann.

Yesterday, I had a brief talk with Gert Aanje. Their new song (Bridges Wide) is full of surprises. Also, what makes Everbloom Valley stand out from other bands? (One minute):

New song: Bridges Wide


UPDATE, MAY 7, 2023: 

Here’s an earlier interview I did with Gert Aanje. He shares the story leading up to Everbloom Valley as we know it today. He also talks about the band’s beginnings. (2.5 minutes).

(Please note: I spoke with Gert on June 24, 2022, so there have been new developments since then).

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