As she explores the depths of her soul, Kaja Rode gives a glimpse into her thoughts

What would she say? This story will reveal the answer. 

Text and photo by Michael Hartmann. October 13, 2022.

Kaja Rode is a Norwegian singer-songwriter known for her dynamic and expressive vocals both live and on tape.

Today, she is releasing her next single What Would She Say.

-Some of us have a constant inner dialogue, always questioning our actions and choices. This song is about finding clarity and self-acceptance, letting go of unnecessary complications, and not overcompensating for perceived shortcomings or mistakes, she says.

She continues: -My song emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and not dwelling on past regrets or self-criticism. We always seek guidance or validation from people we admire or trust, represented by the repeated question, “What would she say?»

Kaja gained international attention when she participated in the Norwegian Eurovision selection competition, Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) in 2021 with her song Feel Again (nearly 800k streams).

Although she did not win, she received positive feedback for her performance and the song’s uplifting spirit, and to this date, she has dedicated fans all over the world.

After her appearance on MGP, Kaja released her first collaboration with international songwriters, a song called Your Mind, which was played on radios all over Norway.

Inspired by the likes of Sam Smith, Tate McRae, and David Guetta, her music is organic, modern, and commercial pop music, with a hint of 90s music.

Here is the new song. Enjoy!

(Photo by Håkon Jørgensen).

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