ANDYVA: Meet the singer who loves the 80’s. -I produce your guilty pleasure

Feeling old? Don’t worry. This music will send you back to Madonna like a virgin.

By Michael Hartmann.
September 28, 2018

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]eet Andy van Amelrooy, better known as Andyva. He is a writer, producer and singer from The Netherlands. He loves the 80’s and his music takes you back to an unforgettable decade of smooth tracks and catchy songs. Of course, I had to ask a few questions.

Michael: -Why are you so fascinated by the 80’s?

Andyva:  -I think the whole concept of a song was better crafted in the 80’s and early 90’s. It’s the combination of synthesizers, songwriting and singing ability. Because people had limited ways of communication, they were putting more effort and emotions in writing songs.

…lacking an emotional touch…

-Nowadays you have so many ways of expressing yourself online. The new mainstream music nowadays’s lacking an emotional touch, soul and originality. I am quite demanding of myself and my team and I wanna make a new album with all original and catchy songs. Not too corny or cheesy but something that really touches you or moves you. 

Michael: -Can you tell us a few words about you Sexclusive and Longing For That Touch.

Andyva:Sexclusive is about today’s dating society. If you wanna ‘have something’, just download an app and get some fresh meat. In the song, a couple is struggling the mix of monogamy and hooking up. 

Longing for That Touch doesn’t really have a specific meaning to be honest. I just wanted to craft a groovy up tempo dance record.

Andyva: -I work with two amazing guys, Wout and Bart, my arranger and co-producer. We all share the love for 80’s music and we use original synthesizers from this era. Also all mixes are done analog, so you get that nice rich sound. I also go out to find my backing vocalists.

Michael: -Will your future music always be in the 80’s genre?

Andyva: Who knows? I think the 80’s genre is returning and inspiring lots of artist around the globe. So maybe it will become the sound of the coming 20’s? That would be great.

-It’s a niche but I see it as my mission…

-Personally I wanna make one album in 80’s and early 90’s style. It’s a niche but I see it as my mission to inspire a whole new generation with this sound, so that it becomes mainstream again. I believe if songs are original and catchy, people will find you anyway. 

-It’s hard work, but yeah I love it.

Michael: -More music on it’s way?

Andyva: -I’ll release a new power ballad in Boston during college fest at the Fenway Stadium. That’s gonna be massive. I have written five songs that we’re gonna make. But it takes time and a lot of money. Next to the music I work as a freelancer in the event and hospitality field. In the Netherlands companies in this field are almost screaming for new staff, so I can ask a nice salary, make lots of money and put that money into production. It’s hard work, but yeah I love it. Since I changed my focus from television to music i’ve never been more happy. 

Michael: -Why should people enjoy 80’s music today? 

Andyva: -The music sounds so much warmer, bigger, more authentic and soulful. I think it suits my voice as well.  And let’s be honest. If I am at a party, the music style may starts with some Dua Lipa or DrakeBut it always ends with people playing the old school classics like Madonna and the Backstreet Boys. At least that’s what I see. That’s why I think my format will work. I produce your guilty pleasure. 

-My music should feed your soul, make you feel good and motivate you to make the best of your day and life! Just go crazy. Be free. Be yourself!

Connect with Andyva on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. Special thanks to Jacqueline Jax at A.V.A. Live Radio. Her cooperation made this interview possible.