Alexis Finley is creating everlasting music…

…her songs will make you feel good for a lifetime.

By Michael Hartmann. November 26, 2021.

Meet R&B singer Alexis Finley. Her single All Me (No Sponsors) was released this summer (2021). It’s the Ladies Anthem for every lady working hard.

Her 1st EP, Recovery, came from personal experiences of a girl becoming a woman while promoting women to grow better and not bitter after heartbreak.

Her second EP, Sensitive Savage, showcases the levels of growth after the healing process. Sensitive Savage is demonstrating different levels of emotions however being secure in who you are and knowing your worth through all battles.

At age five, Alexis fell in love with music, and by the age of sixteen, she joined a girl group by the name of CLASS. Throughout her college journey, Alexis performed at multiple events developing her stage presence and beginning her artistic career.

Her single, All Me, released June 2021, has been noted as the new ladies’ anthem focused on boss energy and being independent.

Alexis embodies R&B and will go toe to toe with the industry’s greatest beginning her reign as the new school leader in authentic R&B.

Keep your ears open, Alexis Finley is creating everlasting music that will make you feel good for a lifetime.

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