Aisha Noel unveils a new song called “Dreams”

-Music is an expression of human emotion, and it moves us all.

By Michael Hartmann. April 16, 2023. Updated with “Dreams” video on May 27, 2023.

Aisha Noel. (Photo via Instagram).

Aisha Noel is a talented singer/songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago. This month, she released a new song called Dreams. 

I asked Aisha some questions about her new song, her creativity, inspiration, and more.

Michael: -How would you describe your music to those who don’t know you

Aisha: -My sound is distinctly Caribbean. I’d say my main genres are Soca and
Afro, with pop influences. It’s upbeat and fun.

Micahel: -Your most recent song, Dreams, is amazing. What inspired you to make this song, and how did you bring it to life?

Aisha: -Thank you!

-At that time I was meeting a lot of new people in the industry and hearing a lot of unique sounds. When I first heard the beat for, Dreams I fell in love with the vibe immediately. Given the opportunity to write on the beat, I really wanted it to come from a real place. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and open about my own struggles and where I see myself going.

(Photo via Facebook).

-As I wrote more I realized it was not just me that’s gonna be relating to this, but other artists, young
entrepreneurs, kids, really anyone that has a dream and a struggle. By the time I hit the first line in the chorus, the song was writing itself.

(Photo via Facebook).

-This song was actually created a little over two years ago, but it was only in 2022 when I traveled to perform in Jamaica that this song kept coming back to me. I really felt a strong push to put it out there for others to be inspired and motivated. At that time I was fulfilling one of my own dreams which was to be invited to perform and network in the music mecca of the Caribbean.

Her new song Dreams:

Michael: -The artwork is beautiful. Mystical and dreamy. Can you tell us
about it?

Aisha: -It’s actually AI-generated. I did it myself online seeing as AI is a big trend right now. She’s meant to reflect my inner goddess, which is why she looks strong and capable and flowers surround and grow from her hands because she is abundant. Our dreams and goals don’t start as physical things but are the first ideas that we conceive in our minds and hearts. I wanted the artwork to reflect that ‘outside of time’ or mystical essence.

The beautiful artwork for Dreams:

Michael: -When I visit your YouTube channel, I always return to Soca Fever(Baile). The song is catchy, you look stunning and the scenery is amazing. What was the creative process like?

Aisha: -A lot of work went into Soca Fever from the writing to the recording and the music video that everyone loves. I actually wrote both songs, Soca Fever and Dreams in my bedroom.

-The video was shot in a day from early morning to late evening with my team for the project. It was my first music video and we had some fun while shooting on the beach. Definitely, an experience I’ll never forget.

Here it is:

Michael: -Art has been described as a universal language. How do you feel about
this? Can music unite people from very different backgrounds?

Aisha: -Yes, music unites us. We’re all human at the end of the day so regardless of background, race, or nationality, we all have a shared human experience and it’s what ties us. We all have emotions and common experiences that we can relate to on one level or another. And so art depicts life and feelings. In that way, we can all appreciate it.

Realest Thing (2021):

-It’s the same with music. It’s an expression of human emotion, and it moves us all. My country Trinidad and Tobago is a perfect example of how music and Soca bring us all together, regardless of race, ethnicity, and social stature.

Lifestyle. (2020):

Michael: -As an experienced artist, you can inspire others. When it comes to
potential singers who are starting out, what advice would you

Aisha: -I’d say if you love it, keep doing it, and don’t stop for anyone. You’re your own individual so don’t compare your journey to anyone else and keep the faith. It might not be easy but what’s for you will never miss you. And lastly, don’t allow anyone to make you feel bad about your beginnings. Where you start is not where you’ll finish if you hold onto your dreams.

Nobody Be Safe. (2018):

Michael: -Are you working on new projects?

Aisha: -Yes, there are a couple of projects I’m working on aside from promoting my new song. One of these includes the music video for Dreams.

Michael: -Are there any messages you’d like to share with your fans?

Aisha: -I’d like to thank everyone for their support so far. Dreams have been getting a lot of love on Spotify, within the first 4 days of its release gathering almost 5000 streams. I’m really happy with the love it’s been receiving and I just want that spirit of hope to stick with every listener as you strive toward your goals.

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Update, May 27, 2023: This is Dreams (Official Music Video):

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