“After Rain” – A beautiful EP from Hanne Leland

“After Rain” is a brilliant and heartfelt EP. 

By Michael Hartmann. September 27, 2020.

After Rain is the result of Hanne Leland spending months inside of her home studio during the pandemic.

Hanne: -I wrote this EP alone in my flat during lockdown earlier this year. I was supposed to travel abroad for studio sessions, but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. I wanted to challenge myself and decided to create this project on my own, with no co-writers. 

The EP title stems from the saying after rain comes the rainbow, a quote of hope and comfort.

…offering hope and healing…

The four tracks on the EP all showcase different sides of the Norwegian singer; there’s heart-wrenching, anxiety-ridden songs like You’re Not Here and Scared, but also songs such as Water and the title track, After Rain.

…writing these songs has been therapeutic for me.

Hanne: –I had a lot of fun doing it, but it was also challenging as I had no one I could turn to when I was stuck, or when I was doubting myself. This year has been emotionally challenging for most of us, myself included, so writing these songs has been therapeutic for me.

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Hanne continues: -I wrote Scared while struggling with really bad anxiety, and I wrote Water on a day I was feeling super powerful and optimistic. I feel like I’ve gone through all the emotions during this time, and I’m happy I was able to create something meaningful from it.

Hanne Leland has racked up millions of streams with her emotional and powerful songs such as Stay and It’s Your Eyes I See. She has found herself in studios in London, LA, and Stockholm, working with some of pop music’s leading producers, among them Ellie Goulding’s producer Jim Eliot. In addition to her own shows, she has toured the UK and Europe with stars like Gavin James, All Saints, and Greyson Chance.

 After Rain is Hanne’s second EP release this year, following The Heartbreak EP in which the latter has generated more than 3 million streams on Spotify alone.


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