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A Wonderful Season

Seasons may change, but singer Patrice Peris continues to make beautiful music.

By Michael Hartmann.
December 5, 2017.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]he’s got the power of Christina Aguilera, the grittiness of Fergie and Rihanna, and the lyrical prowess of Alicia Keyes. But make no mistake! Patrice Peris is her own soul.

If you visit the web page of singer/songwriter Patrice Peris, this is what you’ll read. If you know her music, a statement like this comes as no surprise.



Today, Patrice Peris released a beautiful piano ballad with a hint of melancholy. Enjoy Seasons here:



She’s not only singing. Peris is also owner and director at Patrice Peris Voice Studios. There, she helps aspiring singers achieving their dreams.



-Change can be quick or progressive, but it is inevitable!

This is written on her web page: When she writes, she fills her lyrics with emotion and makes each song her own, as is evident in her latest releases. And even though Patrice has accomplished so much, her drive and determination never falter. Once I’ve achieved one goal, it’s onto the next. This time always needs to be better than the last

She has also released some short original songs, This is Silence:



Peris loves her fans. From her Instagram:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This pretty much sums up how important you ALL are to me! I have nothing but crazy love for you all!

I love it.

Finally, more music:

Walking Away

… and One Love:


Want more? Check out her music on Spotify.


Connect with Patrice on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and  YouTube.

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