A stellar soundtrack complements the return of Young Royals

Wilhelm and Simon’s love story continues to unfold with the addition of music.

By Michael Hartmann. November 18, 2022. Updated November 19, 2022.

The soundtrack from Young Royals has something for everyone. But first, romance alert!

Young Royals is a Swedish television series on Netflix. The plot revolves primarily around the fictional prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Edvin Ryding), and his romance with fellow male student Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg).

YOUNG CELEBS: Edvin Ryding (left) and Omar Rudberg have achieved remarkable success as actors in Young Royals.

A video showing Wilhelm fighting at a party is posted online, and the prince learns that his parents have enrolled him at Hillerska Boarding School. He meets Simon, and their story starts.


Trailer for season one: Welcome to the school!

As a member of the royal family, Wilhelm struggles with his responsibilities. His love for Simon is never easy. It’s a dramatic and bittersweet story you don’t want to miss.


Trailer for season two: Love and hate coming up!

There’s a lot of drama going on, and the music has to play a part in it. Fans of Young Royals will recognize many songs by the scene they were used in. Is there a song from the series that holds a special meaning for you?

Here are my 3 favorite songs from Young Royals, season 2:

1. “The Most Beautiful Boy”.

SMILING, AT LAST: Simon believes that Wilhelm is serious about their relationship.

The Irrepressibles is the artistic guise of British musician Jamie Irrepressible. The musician says the project’s name represents “breaking boundaries in music and being honest about being gay”.

This song sets the tone for Young Royals’ darker and more introverted storylines. In season two, it appears in the trailer and the last scene

The Irrepressibles on Instagram.


2.”Lonely Ones”. 

UNREQUITED LOVE: Wilhelm isn’t happy, even though he has feelings for Simon. In this scene, he looks at Simon’s Instagram.

The music of Swedish singer LOVA is characterized by strong melodies and socially conscious messages. “Lonely Ones” is a perfect example.

This song was used in season two, in a scene where Wilhelm checks out Simon’s Instagram. Then he walks out of the school, reflecting on his situation. The lyrics fit the scene perfectly, and send a message to teenagers everywhere; you are not alone.

This is for the lonely onesThe ones who always wonder where their friends have goneThe boy who can’t stop cryingThe girl who gave up tryingThis is for the lonely ones…

LOVA on Instagram.


3. “Overcome”.

LOOKING BACK: Wilhelm reflects on his feelings for Simon, his conflict with August, and the leaked tape that exposed him and Simon to the entire school.

Do you enjoy moments of melancholy? Here’s another one. “Overcome” is a song by Swedish singer/songwriter Skott. She is known for making music with cinematic sound. This song is a perfect match for Wilhelms’s mood after his confrontation with August.

Skott on Instagram.

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CAST MEMBERS: From left to right: Edvin Ryding (Wilhelm) Instagram. , Omar Rudberg (Simon) Instagram. , Nikita Uggla (Felice), Instagram. Malte Gårdinger (August), Instagram. and Frida Argento (Sara),  Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/Young Royals).

The music plays a crucial role in setting the tone and feeling of stories such as Norwegian SKAM and American Love, Victor. The same is true for Young Royals. Here’s the complete soundtrack of 58 songs. Every taste in music will be satisfied by this playlist. Dive in, royal fans!

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