A 3-minute guide to Alex Angelo

There’s no stopping American singer Alex Angelo. Be a FANGELO and join him today.

By Michael Hartmann.
November 9, 2017.

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]eason number one? His consistent, recognizable style. Reason number two? His ability to create something new every time. This will probably be my answers if anyone asks me about Alex Angelo.

He’s an American singer, songwriter, DJ and radio host. He was born in Fort Myers, Florida and raised in Ohio. Alex started dancing for the Cleveland Cavs at 7 years old. He started DJing at age 10 using his dad’s ipad.


Alex surprises me every time he drops a song or video. Released two weeks ago, here’s Señorita. Hey, pretty girl. Why are you walking away? Check out the video below, and particular the sound at the 1.10 minute mark. Nice touch:



The video released before Señorita was Run It Back. It’s a party. I wish I was there, trying to escape the water balloons. Be honest, wouldn’t you like to join this party?



Singer and Latin recording artist Alexis Adrian is also in the video. He’s not only good-looking and talented. Apparently, he taught Alex to sing in spanish. Now, that’s a good friend. He has a single out, called Vamos a volar. It’s on Spotify.

Connect with Alexis on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Alex has opened up for Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Shawn Mendes, Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony and Hoodie Allen. He’s only 17 years old. Can you believe it? Instagram throwback:


This is Alex introducing himself 3 years ago:



Alex makes monthly trips to LA to study dance with famed choreographer/creative director Flii Stylz (Chris Brown, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson).



In 2015, Alex crossed the country two times on national tours making thousands of new FANGELOS.



Here’s  Stay Like This. It’s interesting to se how the video changes from black and white to colours. And the shirt? It’s alive:



Alex, a few days ago, looking good.


Want more? Check out Down For You and Figured It Out, two other great songs by Alex: The Mysterious Mr. Angelo.

Connect with Alex on on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.  Official Web Site.