Music Video Review: What’s the story, Zak Abel?

What’s happening in Zak Abels video? I’m confused.

By Michael Hartmann.
October 1, 2017.

Sitting inside a car, singing, is nothing new. Unstable, the first video by Zak Abel, is an exception. Zak is an English tough guy. It’s liberating to see him portrayed as something more than a smooth looking pop star.

But seriously, I don’t understand what’s going on. Besides the singing and dancing, it’s hard to find a story in the video. Who’s the man with the blond hair? Why is he walking around looking depressed? The young women are really cool, but what kind of story are they offering?

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Maybe I’m not getting it. Maybe I’m not supposed to. Hard to tell. I like the beat up cars, the scenery and the landscape. The writing on the car? Nice touch.

…he could win.

Note to Zak Abels management; Let other singers be mainstream. Let other singers be too easy to like. Zak will stand out. In the long run, he could win.

The song is a sexy tune. It’s perfect for Zaks first video. It offers something new and unexpected. That’s good news for an artist who is introducing himself to his audience.

Here’s Unstable:


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