Luke Christopher: Just a minor mystery

Next month, Luke Christopher is dropping his debut album. But first, you have to understand the title. Don’t worry. It’s easy.

By Michael Hartmann. June 30, 2017.

American singer, rapper, and producer, Luke Christoper, will soon release his debut album. The name? Tmrwfrvr. What does it mean? I’ll think of it tomorrow and forever. There, I wrote it. You get the point.

…the most charming rapper…

If the title is confusing, the mystery will be solved at July 28th. For now, we can enjoy the first single from the upcoming album. It’s called Waterfalls and comes with a video full of romance. The split-screen? Good. The song? Great. The story? It’s about Luke reflecting on various stages of an intense relationship.

It’s serious stuff. But still, he’s charming.

When I watched him perform in Oslo last year, he entered the stage with a big smile. Then, he owned the room. I didn’t expect to have fun. But, hey, that’s Luke Christopher. He sings – you smile – that’s it.

I’ll keep the secret.

In Waterfalls, the 24-year-old Los Angeles native has all the cred you’re looking for, including the voice, the women and the masculinity to pull it off.

PS: If anyone knows the meaning of Tmrwfrvr, send me a PM. Sometime tomorrow will do. Just don’t tell anyone. I’ll keep the secret forever.

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