This video will warm your heart

Watch the new video with Macklemore and Kesha. But first, get ready to smile.

By Michael Hartmann.
September 24, 2017.

Two days ago, American rapper Maclemore released an album. It’s called Gemini. But first, take a look at this video. It will warm your heart.

For his grandma Helens 100th birthday, Macklemore flew down to California to surprise her. From there, it’s pure joy to watch them enjoy a day full of heartwarming activities and a lot of fun. Macklemore takes his grandma on a tour that will make you smile:

Here’s a teaser about the making of Gemini, his latest album. Macklemore asks his team to join him on a creative mission:

-Let’s make a song every day, he tells them. -It can be dope, it can be garbage. We do a song a day. The next day, we start something completely different.

I wish more artists would do this. By inviting us into their creative world, we get motivated to check out their music because we understand more of what they are trying to achieve.  Here’s  the album announcement and a look into the creative process:

And, finally, here’s the brand new video, Good Old Days ft.Kesha. Since the release two days ago, the video has been viewed over 2,7 millions times at YouTube. Watching Macklemore and Kesha singing in the woods may not be the typical start of your weekend. But then again, Macklemore is not your typical artist.

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