Music Video Review: This video is made for the underdressed

When a princess sings, you don’t wear jeans.

By Michael Hartmann.
July 29, 2017. Updated July 31, 2017 and March 3, 2019.

Swedish pop group Stockholm Noir ran into a forest. They did excellent work and released a beautiful video. But who are all the people? And why are they stealing the attention away from the singer?

The song is called Boy Like A Girl. At their Facebook page, the Swedish pop & electronica group describes their song this way: Boy Like A Girl is a song for every individual who feels that they don’t fit in within the norms in society. Whether it’s about dressing unconventionally, not feeling comfortable with the binary gender system, or being different in other ways – this song is for you.

I support political statements, even those coming from the trenches of popular culture. But in this video, the idea of transforming the opinion of modern society takes my attention away from the song. This shouldn’t happen, agree?

... the forest of eternal sunshine

The singer, Ofelia, does a great job. She’s a nordic star. She doesn’t need people surrounding her, wearing jeans and t-shirts and looking from behind every tree. Ofelia, in her fairy tail glory, could easily have carried this project alone, even with a political statement coming from the forest of eternal sunshine.

… less is more.

During the project planning, did anyone fear that Boy Like A Girl wouldn’t be good enough?  If so, they worried for no reason. Why?

Because I listen to the lyrics. I find them intriguing.

I enjoy Ofelias voice. I think it’s amazing.

I see a mystical forest perfectly captured.

I hear a magical song well performed.

You have a princess. You don’t need people with hidden faces walking around like there’s no tomorrow. Like Armani said: Less is more.

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