Concert Review: Waiting for something good

Working on her debut EP, Norwegian singer IVIE already has magic to share.

By Michael Hartmann.
May 31, 2017.

When a friend called me last month and told me about a singer called IVIE, I got myself ready for her concert. A couple of days later, we entered the basement at Parkteatret, a popular venue in Oslo.

The room was dark and not very big compared to the main room upstairs, but I had no reason to worry.

Suddenly, a young, blond woman dressed in black, entered the stage. At that moment, I forgot the people around me. IVIE had an indefinable energy, and she hadn’t even started singing. When you sense that, you know you’re waiting for something good.

…strongly connected with her songs.

I was a stranger to her music, but had managed to listen to her latest single, Runnin’. It’s a catchy pop tune with an edge. She performed it with attitude and energy. As I listened, I thought, that song is so her.

Why? Because I realised I was listening to an artist very strongly connected with her songs. Writing this story, I can’t imagine anyone else performing Runnin’. 

…promising expectations

Since I watched IVIE perform, Runnin’ seems to be forever linked to her, not only to IVIE the artist, but to her personally. When something like that happens, the artist and her song is elevated to a level of promising expectations.

IVIE shared a little piece of pop music magic. I hope there is more to come.

IVIE will soon release her debut EP, and she will perform at «Lekter’n» at Aker Brygge in Oslo, june 3rd. Her new single is out june 23rd.

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