Rehab is fun

Cell phone addiction? No problem.

By Michael Hartmann.
January 15, 2017.

Destroy your cell phone and eat a cupcake. It may seem strange, but it happens in a video by Alex Midi and Aline Renae. So, what’s your problem?

Well, if your cell phone is taking over your life , this strange and funny video may help.

The catchy song is called Send. It comes with a story from a peculiar rehab clinic. If you’re into rehab and fun, this entertaining video is for you.


Nice touch: Social media cupcakes. 

Alex Midi is a producer and DJ. Connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  and  Spotify

Alina Renae is a vocalist, songwriter, entertainer, who is also experienced in digital production and audio engineering. Alina does it all, from dancing, singing, DJing, to songwriting, recording and audio engineering. Her look, sound, and recording skills make Alina Renae one of the most sought out after dance music vocalists in the industry.

Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.