The Mysterious Mr. Angelo

Figuring out Alex Angelo is not easy. That’s why I love his music.

By Michael Hartmann.
September 21, 2017.

Since I discovered the music of Alex Angelo, I have struggled to understand who he really is. A talented kid still experimenting with his art, or an adult artist with an established style and identity?

Is it important to find the answer? Not necessarily. When it comes to Alex Angelo, a little mystery is a good thing. The struggle to understand everything about his many talents adds another dimension to his art, at least for me. In any case, I’m a fan.

Yesterday, the Ohio based singer, DJ, dancer and radio host, dropped a video called Run It Back. Let me tell you, it’s a party. It’s nice to se him surrounded by happy people and being part of a crowd. Here’s Alex dancing and singing. Run It back, ft. Alexis Adrian:


Figured It Out was the song that introduced me to Alex Angelos music. There’s no party in this one, he’s singing alone. I love the outdoor scenery and to watch him working in his studio. But most of all? The lyrics.

…l figured it out, even the best of us get broken. Don’t you worry, baby, I’ll be okay:


The next song that got me hooked was Down For You. I listened to it many times (and still do). I fell in love with the dark and fascinating way in which the song seems to be searching for it’s own identity. The search continues as I hear the song playing in my head.

Down For You keeps haunting me. There may be many reasons for this, but I can’t find them. That’s why I keep listening to the song. Get it?


His new song, Run It Back, is already a part of Alex Angelos creative world. I will probably start looking for clues in it, like I have with his other songs.

But tonight, I will stop searching for answers and focus on enjoying the sound of his music. After all, not all mysteries are supposed to be figured out.

Alex Angelo and this blog have been following each other on Twitter for about a year. You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on his YouTube channel.