Concert Review: Something to learn

Luke Christopher did great in Oslo. 

By Michael Hartmann.
March 31, 2017. Updated June 30, 2017.

Where are the people? It was seven p.m, and I was inside Ingensteds, the venue for tonights show with Luke Christoper. I saw a small crowd standing in the corner and a few young girls walking around on the floor. The bartender looked lonely. Not a good start.

NOTE: This article was originally written the day after Luke Christophers concert in Oslo, March 7, 2016.

I decided to have a beer and wait it out. An hour later, people started to arrive.It was a relief to see them, because I was no longer alone. I saw pretty girls in their twenties, handsome boys with awesome sneakers, yes, the whole hipster crowd, basically, from the trendy area of Grünerløkka, just east of downtown Oslo.

…this is Luke Christopher…

Soon after, Norwegian rapper Philip Emilio entered the stage with his black hoodie covering most of his face. Three songs later, he asked, -Are you ready for Luke Christopher?

-Yes, the crowd responded. So Philip Emilio performed another song. No worries, he is more than talented enough to fill a room by him self, so no one objected. By this time, a small but enthusiastic crowd had gathered in front of the tiny stage. Why, I thought, this is Luke Christopher…

OSLO -I’m forever grateful. From Luke Christoper’s Instagram account.

And there he was, suddenly out of nowhere, with a big smile on his face and wearing a black t-shirt. He was cool and charming at the same time – if that is possible for a rapper, and he was having a great time entertaining us.

…a good mood.

When he performed Lot To Learn, the crowd loved him for it, and why not, that song put´s you instantly in a good mood, just like Luke Christopher himself.

-My music is hip hop with a good mood, he once said.

Yes, he was charming. But more people should have been there to support him. Did he come all the way to Norway for this?

If Luke Christopher returns to Oslo, he deserves a bigger venue, a bigger stage and a better marketing strategy. But hey, something to learn, right?

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NOTE: This article was originally written the day after Luke Christophers concert in Oslo, March 7, 2016. It has not been published before being postet on this blog, May 31, 2017. Updated, June 30, 2017.