Chicago rapper Von Tha G dropped a new album in January. If you havn’t heard it, take a listen. 

By Michael Hartmann on May, 4, 2019

Von Tha G: Turning dreams into reality

Chicago based artist Von Tha Genius is known for catchy beats and a vibe that captures the herbal green smoking audience. He is known as a cross between Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y, rapping over smooth dope beats. This January, he dropped BLVDS & AVENUES.

Von Tha Genius (real name Devon Bennett)  began writing music around the 8th grade. His inspirations came from listening to hip-hop beats. Later, he recorded beats and music videos and launched his works on YouTube.

Today, the twenty-five year old artist remains optimistic in being able to turn his dreams into reality and the artist into a genius.

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