Linda Varg – Swedish singer with a message.

You gotta come home and hear this.

By Michael Hartmann. July 23, 2021.

Linda Varg. Photo via Instagram.

Meet Linda Varg, is a Swedish pop artist who brings a unique and fresh sound with her empowering and uplifting anthems. With influences ranging from pop and rock to reggae and urban, her music is sprinkled with a punky attitude and a 90’s flavored tinge.

Her latest single Standing In The Middle Of The Road was written from Varg’s own experiences with bullying. It’s a personal message giving off a much bigger meaning, with the track applying to those who have gone through emotional hardships and risen up from the ashes, despite the pain and battles.

This is Standing In The Middle Of The Road:

Varg explains, “The message is that you should never let anyone, anything, or any circumstances run you over. What might seem like a failure, broken dreams, or insurmountable obstacles or challenges can instead be the passage or opening to something much greater than you could ever have imagined. So do whatever you want in life and don’t live as a victim of your own bad thoughts.”

Standing In The Middle Of The Road is a charming track that provides a modern twist to a timeless building block of analog energy.

Here’s the lyric video:

Photo from “You Gotta Come Home”.

This song is called You Gotta Come Home. Linda wrote it to her grandmother. It’s a beautiful ballad.

Varg’s music has debuted at #1 on iTunes Rock Sweden, received notable airplay across both Sweden and Germany, and has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams to date.

Photo via Facebook.

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