READ AGAIN: So Are We. Americana-inspired pop from Norway.

Meet Norwegian singer/songwriter duo So Are We and listen to their new single “Alive Again”.

By Michael Hartmann. July 11, 2020.

So Are We consists of songwriters Guro Vikingstad (vocal) and Stian Haslie (guitar). Their music? Americana-inspired pop with personal lyrics, often based on their own lives.

Their new single is called Alive Again.

-This song is a tribute to all of you who’s been through rough times, but yet find a way to start over again.

The duo is a couple off-stage and has a big collection of romantic, sad, happy, and funny stories to provide inspiration.

From their official web page:

So Are We had a shy start as a duo in 2015 and has since then released 2 singles and an EP, receiving great acclaim from critics.

Guros voice is often described as intimate and soulful, and Stians guitars sometimes sound like a variety of violins but then suddenly turning into the blues devil himself.

My Dear is one of my personal favorites.

Guro and Stian on Instagram (Norwegian).

This is their EP from 2018. Five beautiful songs…

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Official web page.